2019 Cottage Gift Guide

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

If you’re lucky enough to own a cottage or know someone who regularly invites you to theirs, this 2019 Cottage Gift Guide should give you some great inspiration! 

1. Stemless Wine Cup

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

Take it from someone who has an earned reputation for knocking over wine glasses.  These stemless wine cups from Swig are prefect for keeping your wine cold and your coffee hot.  Just the right vessel for cocktails on the dock.  I’m not advocating that you fill up all 14 oz. with your wine, but it will hold a can of beer or cider quite nicely too.

2. Propane Fire Pit

Our deck at the Beach Chalet is quite narrow, so this linear fire table fit the bill perfectly.  It’s tall enough that the propane tank is hidden underneath.  With the deck of the table extending out, there’s plenty of room for your coffee cup first thing in the morning and your wine glass in the evening.  The only downside to this model is that the table top is not large enough to hold a platter of appies.  

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

3. Door stopper

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

That quintessential “thwack” as the screen door slams shut is synonymous with cottage living.  But when the door slams open and smashes our cabinets, not so much.  This nautical knot makes the perfect and most stylish door stopper. 

4. Vintage inspired bread box

In case you haven’t noticed, I love aqua, turquoise and seaglass colours!  So along that theme, this bread box makes for a splash of colour in my otherwise white cottage kitchen.  I normally hate anything on my counters but I would welcome this beauty with open arms.

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

5. Hammock Chair

I while away the time on the deck watching the water in this simple hammock chair.  By adding a couple of pillows, I’ve made it even more comfortable. Small children love it a little too much so it gets put away when the littles come to visit but otherwise it is pure heaven.  At only $40, I consider this gift a bargain.  

6. Chalkboard

Expecting guests but you’re out on the boat?  Write a message on this chalkboard to let them know when you’ll be back and to help themselves to anything they want in the fridge inside the, most likely, unlocked cottage.  

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

7. A comfy throw

A cottage is all about relaxing, and this chunky throw ensures that many a nap will be taking with it.  In fact, I guarantee that everyone will be fighting over when it’s their turn with it.  Texture adds another layer to cottage decor, and this throw has texture in spades.  

8. Waterproof phone case

Paddling around the lake taking wildlife photos with my iphone is one of my most favourite activities at the cottage.  But I always stress over dropping my phone, especially while entering and exiting the kayak (believe me, not a pretty sight).  I now rest easy with my waterproof iphone case which seals my phone inside of it.  I can even text through the cover but I don’t want to be that knob sitting out in the middle of the lake texting and yakking on my phone.

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

9. Turntable

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

Nobody likes THOSE cottagers who crank up the tunes on their boat or dock but an indoors dance party is de rigueur at our cottage.  A turntable has the nostalgia of a time gone by but with up to date sound quality.  

10. smart lock

Is there anything worse than driving five hours to the cottage, only to discover that you’ve forgotten the key at home?  And yes, of course there is a hidden key, but your cousin once removed who used the cottage last time forgot to put it back under that rock by that tree.  Well that is no longer a problem with a smart lock.  Especially one that can be set remotely through your cottage wifi.  Each visitor can have their own code so you know exactly who is visiting when.  Goodbye spending the night in your car.

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

11. Paddles aren't just for the canoe

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

The walls of a cottage tell the story of the people who have enjoyed so many summers of memories there.  And paddling a canoe or kayak rates high on most people’s experiences.  These decorative paddles are a lovely reminder of all those summers on the lake. 

12. Welcome Mat

It goes without saying that the “welcome mat” is always out at the cottage.  But this mat tends to be well used and needs replacing often.  This nautical inspired Sailors Knot Doormat lends that beachy feeling to the cottage and a hint of what’s to come when visitors cross the threshold.

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

13. Muskoka Chairs

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

Rather than dragging chairs around the cottage property from one place to another, these light Muskoka chairs are ideal.  Set two up on the dock, a few on the deck, more around the campfire and a couple in good viewing position of the lake.  Everyone will have a convenient place to chillax.  Just perfect for that afternoon snooze.

Do you know the difference between a Muskoka and Adirondack chair?  Apparently, the Muskoka chair is 2″ lower to the ground and the width between the arms are 2″ narrower.  Does this mean Canadians are shorter but thinner?

14. Wood stove fan

What would a cottage be without a wood stove?  And to move that warm air around, nothing works better than one of these wood stove fans from Lee Valley.  It sits right on top of the stove and as the air warms, the blades start to turn, blowing the warm air out into the living area.  Nothing more eco than that!

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

15. Serving Tray

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

All those drinks and appies that will be consumed at the cottage need to be served on something, right?  A serving tray makes an ideal gift as you can never have too many of them.  Maybe you can also offer to load it up with goodies, next time you’re invited to the lake.

16. Wall mirror

Our cottage has only one, in high demand, bathroom.  Which means that we encourage guests to apply their makeup in their bedroom.  So each bedroom is equipped with a wall mirror, significantly reducing the bathroom wait time.  

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

17. Homemade gift

Beach decor crafting workshop

Nothing says you care more than the time taken to hand make a gift.  This oyster shell garland is actually easier than it looks.  Providing an excuse to go walk the beach looking for shells is an added benefit of creating it.  Whether the cottage is at a lake or the ocean, this decor item looks pretty hanging in any window.  Add in the cleat to hang it from to complete the nautical vibe.

18. Blender

Margaritas anyone?  You’ll be invited back FOR SURE when you bring a blender with all the fixins to the cottage.  Is there anything better than sitting on the dock, in a Muskoka chair, watching the sunset while sipping a libation?  Now where is that long lost shaker of salt?  And why does my new tattoo hurt so much – is that normal?

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

19. Croquet set

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

Now our family is quite serious about Croquet.  In fact, we call it “extreme” croquet, involving water hazards (sprinkler), body checking and the occasional trip.  Winning is absolutely at ALL costs.  Each match is looked back on with fondness.  So if the cottage has a patch of grass, a croquet set will be well used.  Just remember to wear a white hat and drink Pimm’s while playing.

20. Wildlife books

At the lake, there are so many different animals than we’re used to seeing in the city.  A wildlife reference book will become dog-earred as people flip through it again and again, learning about an animal that they’ve just spotted.  Checking off sightings at the back of the book becomes a challenge.  While we’ve seen some scary animals, such as bears, I’m glad that I have yet to come face to face with a cougar.  Now if only I could spy that elusive Sasquatch.

2019 Cottage Gift Guide

Hopefully my 2019 Cottage Gift Guide has given you a few good ideas for this Christmas gift giving season or even as a thank you gift when you get invited to the lake in the summer.  Let me know what ideas you’d like to add to the list by leaving a comment below.  Happy shopping!

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