Beach decor crafting workshop

Join me for a workshop crafting coastal decor from beach combing finds.  

Exploring the beach, discovering what the tide has washed up, is one of my most favourite things to do.  Second to that is bringing my collections home and crafting a creation to add to the decor of my home.  I have made many wind chimes, wall hangings and garlands from my beach combing finds.  

Please join me for a Beach Decor Crafting Workshop – I’d love to host you!  Just book through Airbnb Experiences or contact me directly at 

Here’s what one group had to say…..

"We went as a group of 5 and had a great experience. Jane was thoughtful and accommodating. We had lots of fun combing the beach for shells and driftwood. Not all of us are crafty so we were so happy that we were each able to make and bring home a wonderful souvenir!"

I also teach wreath making, no matter what the season!  You can check out that workshop here.  

If a trip to the Comox Valley is just not in the cards but you’d still like to learn how to make your own oyster shell garland, please check out this blog post where I walk you through all the steps.  

Beach decor crafting workshop