Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

As an interior designer, I translate how you want to feel in your environment into reality through intentional design.  Taking the design elements of space, line, shape, colour, texture, light and pattern, I employ the principles of balance, rhythm & repetition, emphasis, proportion and scale to create an harmonious ambiance in your home.  No matter the budget, we can work together to create a new look, even if its only through the use of colour.


You can check out my Houzz page here.

Services include:

  • Colour consultation
  • Staging for selling, renting or vacation rentals
  • Design/concept boards for interior decorating projects
  • edesign
  • Full scale renovations up to and including:
    • Design brief
    • Scope of work
    • Design concept
    • Sample boards
    • Drawings:
      • Floor plan
      • Furniture layout
      • Elevations – cabinetry
      • Reflected ceiling plans (lighting, electrical, plumbing)
    • Finishing Schedule
    • Scheduling of trades

Client testimonial:

“When we started talking about renovating our home, we thought we had a good idea of what we liked and wanted but quickly realized there are a lot of decisions and each one impacts the next. So, we decided to hire Jane of Cottage Fever Interior Design to provide guidance and ensure what we did was cohesive with both our lifestyle and our vision. I had seen some of Jane’s other projects, loved her aesthetic and effortless ability to give each space the right mix of style and functionality while keeping them inviting and beautiful. Jane took my initial thoughts and ideas to the next level. She listened to what was important to us, asked the right questions about how we live in our home, recommended several cost saving and creative solutions, ensured our project stayed on schedule and within the budget we set. Jane gave us the most amazing space, we absolutely love our home now! Jane added color, practicality, design and comfort – all the things I was looking for but struggled to execute myself. If you’re looking for a designer who will listen to you and make your dream home a reality, hire Jane you’ll be glad you did!”

Please do drop me a line at to chat about your needs for your upcoming project!