I’m one of those people who decorate for just about every holiday and season.  Although, I’m not a big fan of green so I tend to skip St. Patrick’s Day which is shameful given my Irish heritage.  

I fancy myself a crafty person, so easily put together the Valentine’s banner shown.  I took pages from a paperback that was falling apart (Lord of the Rings which horrified my son who loves this book), and cut the bottom of them.  Then I cut out hearts from a variety of heart printed paper that I had picked up at Michaels.  I glued that to the page and added a pink button with a hot glue gun.  Then I affixed each page to string by folding over the top of the page and adding a few drops of glue from the hot glue gun and folded it over the string.  An easy project that took a couple of hours while I watched Netflix.  

Valentines decor



Below, I’ve pulled together an assortment of Valentines decor that appeals to me.  And of course, they each have a bit of a beachy influence as that’s my jam.  My husband would say that I’m the least romantic person out there so none of these suggestions are overtly mushy.  (Some of the Valentines Decor ideas may contain affiliate links which means that I might receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you.)  Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Decor

Heart Box

Store your keepsakes in this sweet little box

Throw Pillow

This pillow gives a Valentines sentiment but can be left out all year

Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide

stemless wine cup

If you get a bit tipsy on Valentine's Day, don't worry if you knock your glass over

Valentines Decor

Driftwood heart

Love how subtle this heart is, it doesn't scream Valentine's Day at you

Willow wreath

This can be decorated or left as is

Valentines Decor


If you can't be by the ocean, bring the scent of the sea breezes to you


serve up some margaritas to your sweetheart in this seagrass wrapped pitcher

body lotion

Ok, so technically not decor but this bottle with the pretty blue label will at least look nice sitting on your bathroom counter

Valentines throw

Faux fur throw

I love the shaggines of this throw. perfectly for snuggling under.


This rope frame will perfectly encircle a pic of you and your sweetheart

Valentines Decor


I know many people who include their dog in their valentine's plans. This is perfect for them.

Valentines decor


okay so definitely not decor, but if you're other half wears this while sitting on the sofa, does that count?

Hope this has given you some inspiration to sprinkle a little coastal Valentines Decor around your home. 

If you’re interested in some non-romantic gift ideas, check this out.  

Happy Valentines Decorating!