Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Given how much I love coastal decor, this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has a few “beachy” suggestions which will look amazing in your home all year long.  Just hover over each item or click on the pictures to learn more.

Heart gift ideas

Being the universal symbol of love, these Heart shaped gift ideas are sure to win over the heart of your special someone.  Just hover over the item to learn more.


pink and red gift ideas

Sometimes, just the colours red and pink are enough to suggest Valentine’s without blatantly screaming it.  These gift ideas will work all year round.

"love" is all you need

Being a bit more literal, these “Love” gift suggestions say it all.  

Handmade garland

If you really want to score brownie points, this garland is super easy to make!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Here are the instructions:

  1. Take pages from an old book and cut a v-shape in the bottom
  2. Cut out heart shapes from heart covered paper (you can find it here)
  3. Glue on to book pages
  4. Glue a pink or red button (alternating) on to the heart
  5. Bend book pages at top and glue to string
  6. Hang up

This can be done in an evening while watching your favourite Netflix romantic comedy. And while not a Valentine’s movie, you can’t go wrong with “Love Actually”.  Love is actually all around.  

Honouring Saint Valentine

Hope you found something special for your sweetheart in this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  Any of these ideas will look great in your home and last all year long.  Way better mileage than flowers!

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