Dog friendly interior decor

So this sweet little chocolate brown labrador retriever, whom we’ve named River, has joined our family.  While I love her to pieces, I don’t want all her utilitarian “stuff” taking over our home. Why does pet equipment have to look so ugly?  Creating a dog friendly interior decor that complements my coastal vibe is my goal.  Much of this will be built in when I design the new beach house.  


First and foremost, River will need somewhere to sleep.  We do intend to crate train her at night, but during the day, she’ll need a spot that’s all her own (when she’s not cuddled up on the sofa with us).  

I LOVE the idea of this murphy bed from Birch Lane for her.  When not in use, it tucks up out of the way, rather than the typical dog bed that gets tripped over. Camouflaged as a piece of furniture, it will fit right in with the rest of the decor.

With a mattress made of memory foam with a removable, washable cover, River will be very comfortable.  Knowing, I can wash the cover gives me added comfort too!

Dog Friendly Interior decor
Ginny Ecoflex Murphy Dog Sofa
Dog friendly interior decor
Ginny Ecoflex Murphy Dog Sofa

Sofa cover

Make no mistake, River will be a lap dog.  My husband has made that extremely clear.  But a compromise needs to be reached in order to allow our shedding chocolate brown lab onto our off-white sofas.  Oy vey!  

Having tried a blanket in the past, we found it was always slipping off the sofa.  Recently, I discovered these covers by Surefit that are made specifically for this purpose.  It has a protective finish and is machine washable which is important as no doubt River will get into some interesting stuff and it will end up here.  Covering over the arms is crucial as that’s where most dogs like to rest their dripping snouts.  

Rest assured, River will end up taking over the sofa with the best ocean views.  

Crate options

I remember there was a time when I thought crate training was rather cruel.  Since though, I’ve become more educated and realize that it gives the dog her own safe den to go to.  

Our previous dog, Trigger the coonhound, used to have quite the party when we left the house (chewed up shoes, sofa pulled apart, etc…) so we trained him to use the crate.

I found this one on the Joss & Main website.  Rather than those ugly wire or plastic ones, this crate resembles a piece of furniture.  And it can even be ordered in this beachy blue!

Dog friendly interior decor
Damien Double Wide Small Credenza Pet Crate

As an option for beside the bed, this crate can actually double as a night stand.  

We’re told that for the first few weeks, while we’re house training, we should have River in a crate beside our bed, covered in a blanket, so that she can smell and hear that we’re near and we can hear when she starts stirring so know to take her out for a wee.  

Here’s some house training advice the Dogtime website:

1. Just before going to bed, offer a last chance bathroom break. Put the crate in your bedroom, and pop your pup inside about an hour before you go to bed. When you’re ready for bed yourself, wake her up and take her outside for a last chance elimination. 

2. Get up first thing in the morning to let her out. And rush her outside so she learns to do it there, and not in your house! You’ll need to take puppies younger than three or four months outside at least once during the night. 

3. If your dog soils her crate, set the alarm to get up an hour earlier the next night. If she does it three nights in a row, abandon the crate confinement at night. Keep her in her puppy playroom instead and try again in a week or two. It’s also a good idea to ask your vet to check for any physical problems that could be making it hard for your pup to hold it.

Dog friendly interior decor
Archie Slide Aside Pet Crate


Now labs are known for their unending food cravings.  So it will be essential to keep little River out of the kitchen until she learns her manners.  

This dog gate from Joss & Main will not only do the job, but will look stylish doing it!

Dog friendly interior decor
Gracey 4 Panel Expansion Dog Gate

Corralling the toys

Dog friendly interior decor
Wicker 3 Piece Basket Set
Dog friendly interior decor
Snuggle Puppy

What to do with all the toys?????  

When my sons were young, I would pick up their toys three times a day.  I suspect it will be similar with River.  

But I need somewhere stylish to store them.  This set of three wicker baskets from Birch Lane means that we can have toy baskets throughout the house.  

To help River settle in to her new home, the Snuggle Puppy will give her the sense that she’s still with her litter mates.  The pulsing heart beat and heat source mimics the pack and will reduce any anxiety she may have.  

All the rest

I just love this blue and white checked ceramic dog bowl from MacKenzie Childs.  It has a heavy steel underbody so hopefully River won’t be able to move it around house.  And those sweet checks are hand painted.  

Now, not only does the house have to be stylish, but our puppy does too!

River will look oh so elegant in this matching collar and leash from Anthropologie.  And of course, it will match her eyes!

Dog friendly interior decor
Royal Check Pet Dish
Dog friendly interior decor
Wild One Dog Leash

Prepping for River’s arrival has been so much fun.  It will be like having a new born in the house again, sleepless nights here we come.  But she will be such a welcome addition to the whole family and will be very good for everyone’s mental health.  

I just hope that all my plans for a dog friendly interior decor aren’t destroyed by her chewing in the next year. Fingers crossed!

Dog friendly interior decor

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