Inspiration for an Interior Design Scheme

Where to start?  It can be so overwhelming with all the small decisions that need to be made when redecorating.  How to make design decisions so that your interior is harmonious rather than haphazard?  Read on to see where to get inspiration for an interior design scheme.  

Start with a jumping off point

A jumping off point is the great start to a melodic design.  Choose something that really speaks to you such as a lovely piece of art or textile. In the painting shown above, while it’s a mountain view, we still incorporated these colours into the client’s oceanside home as it worked with the location. We already knew that the colours worked well together as the painting was so beautiful. These same colours were referenced in the logs on the beach, the rocks in the tidal pools. the blues of the water and the green of the trees. My philosophy is always that if it works in nature, it will work in your home.  

A favourite destination can impart a feeling.  With one client, they loved going to the Bahamas and so that became our source of inspiration.  The textures and colours of this destination were well suited to their waterfront home, even though it wasn’t in the tropics.  

Sometimes it can be just a feeling.  One client recently told me that she wanted to feel like she was given a warm hug when she walked in her front door.

creating the palette

Fixture and Finishes Example

Muted tones of the rocks is repeated in the Blanco Silgranit sink.  The darker rock is represented by the aged bronze in the light fixture, faucet and cabinet hardware.  Veining in the boulders is repeated in the quartz.  And the lighter greens and blues of the forest and mountains is echoed in the backsplash tile, which also mimics the ocean outside this home’s windows.  Design Concept Boards are the perfect way to represent how the elements all work together.

3D Rendering

3D Rendering

While not an absolute perfect representation of the design, it’s so close that it gives a client the reassurance that it will indeed all look beautiful in the space.  

Pulling it all together

This muted palette really benefits from the lively visual interest of the backsplash tile.  Did you know that an island painted in a dark colour has the effect of making the room around appear to be much larger?  The kitchen is the hub of the home and as such should be the lightest space.  By using the cabinetry colour on your trim throughout the entire space, it creates a flow which continues to the overall harmony of the design scheme.  Hues of nature are absolutely timeless and as such, are so pleasant to live with.  This home has northern light which is very cool so the cabinets and walls needed to be a warm light colour to counteract it and reflect as much light as possible.  Adding a round window over the sink, lining up with the mudroom window, means that light flows through and the view is enhanced.  

This client told me that someone who recently visited asked how they found the art piece to work so perfectly with their home.  Mission accomplished.  

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