Coastal Grandmother Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Being the Mum of three wonderful sons, I feel truly blessed to share a coastal cottage with my boys and their partners when visiting. With this experience in mind, I’ve curated this Coastal Cottage Mother’s Day Gift Guide, knowing what kind of presents I would appreciate at my beach home.  


Gifts of relaxation

1. Coastal Inspired Wind Chime
Milk frother
2. Milk Frother
Sand and Fog Candle Sage and Sea Salt
3. Sage & Sea Salt Candle

1.  The gift of sound is always relaxing.  These Coastal Inspired Wind Chimes will be music to your Mum’s ears.

2.   A manual Milk Frother means that Mum can have a latte anytime.

3.  The gift of scent is alway welcome at a vacation home, especially an over-crowded one.  

gifts for entertaining

The cottage is ALL about entertaining.  Your Mum will so appreciate these pretty coastal inspired gifts for Mother’s Day that will make entertaining at the cottage effortless.  

Seagrass Bird's Nest
4. Seagrass Bird's Nest
Yeti Wine Tumblers
8. Wine Tumbler
Coastal Mother's Day Gift
11. Acrylic Drink Dispenser
Salad Plate
14. Salad Plates
Whale shaped platter
5. Whale Platters
9. Hand Woven Rattan Coasters
Coastal Mother's Day Gift
12. Teak Centrepiece Bowl
Coastal Mother's Day Gift Guide
15. Natural Bamboo Flatware
Wreath workshop
Coastal Mother's Day
6. Picnic Basket
Tea Chest
7. Tea Box
White Marble Tray
10. White Marble Tray
Bamboo Folding Chair
13. Bamboo Folding Chair

4.  Stylish birds will no doubt flock to this absolutely adorable bird house made of seagrass and recycled saris.

5. Everyone will have a whale of a time at any party that has food served on these whale shaped platters.  

6.  Even Yogi Bear will be jealous of this fully stocked picnic basket, just perfect for celebrating on a sunny Mother’s Day at the seaside.  

7. When did tea become so complicated?  It used to just be Orange Pekoe but now you’re expected to offer 10 different herbal flavours.  Help your Mum keep them all organized in this practical yet stylish Tea Box.

8. Now I just love these Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers.  They’re ideal for sunset cocktails on the dock.  And they’ll hold a full can of beer or cider.  Best part?  No one can tell how much wine you have in there.

9. It’s happy hour somewhere or at least wine o’clock.  So these hand woven rattan coasters will be used at all hours of the day.  

10.  The cottage is the epitome of indoor/outdoor living which means you’re constantly traipsing outdoors with food and drinks.  I can’t think of a more stylish tray than this French Kitchen White Marble tray.  

11. When you have a thirsty crowd, having them help themselves from this acrylic drink dispenser makes entertaining less cumbersome.  

12. Mum can display treasured collections in this gorgeous teak oversized Centrepiece Bowl.   

13. Since there may be a crowd for Mother’s Day, these bamboo folding chairs come in handy.  And the bonus is that they can be used outdoors as well as inside.

14. An essential part of the cottage routine is visiting the local Farmers Market.  What better way to serve up a fresh salad than on these Juno Blue and White Salad Plates?

15.  There can never be too many sets of utensils at a cottage or beach house!  Mum will appreciate sets of Natural Bamboo Flatware for when a crowd shows up, as they invariably do.  

And if you’re looking for an activity to do with your Mum, why not make a wreath together?  Click on this link for full instructions on how to make a wreath.

Home Decor Gifts

The cottage is often where old items that no longer work in our city homes go to die.  And the repository for friends and family castoffs. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  The cottage should be every bit as beautiful as your principal residence.  Your Mum will really treasure these beautiful costal decor gifts for the cottage for Mother’s Day.

Coastal Gift Guide
16. Relaxed Coastal Style Hardcover Book
Palm Pillow
19. Pillow
Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide
22. Maritime Door Stopper
Coastal Mother's Day
17. Fresh Hanging Terrarium Garden Kit
Mother's Day Coastal Gift Guide
20. Nautical Rope Mirror
Jute pouf
23. Jute Pouf
Mother's Day Gift Guide
18. Coastal Vase
Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide
21. Dip-Dyed Stools
Hurricane lantern
24. Scalloped Hurricane Capiz Lantern

16. Mum will love the coastal design inspiration with this book called, “Relaxed Coastal Style.”  She can put her feet up with a cup of tea or glass of wine while she spends hours reading.  

17. Having plants in the home actually positively impacts our mental wellbeing and are an essential element of Biophilic Design.  With an airplant terrarium, there is little commitment as they are so easy to take care of, which means you give Mum’s mood a boost without burdening her with having to care for something.  

18. Now Mum will have the perfect Coastal Vase for those flowers that you bring every time you visit.  You do bring flowers every time, don’t you?

19. Evocative of palms waving in the ocean breeze, this Pillow cover works with any coastal decor.  

20.  I’ve found it helpful to hang mirrors in each of the bedrooms.  Saves the bathroom being clogged up as people put on makeup.  This Nautical Rope Mirror will fit right in.

21. These dip-dyed stools are oh so versatile.  They can hold a plant, be a side table, be a rest by a stand along bathtub.  

22. At our cottage, the door is always banging open.  This Maritime Door Stopper prevents the wall getting banged up.

23. Putting up your feet at the cottage is mandatory.  This Jute Pouf is a perfect spot to rest them.  And it also serves as extra seating when needed.  Which is often.

24. The Scalloped Capiz Hurricane Lantern is so evocative of the shore.

Outdoor gifts

Let’s face it, a good part of the day is spent outside and it needs to be every bit as comfortable as the inside.  Here are some gift suggestions for the outdoors that any Mum would love to have.

Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide
25. Mallorca Beach Towel
Tote Cooler Bag
28. Tote with Cooler Bag
Floral Bucket Hat
31. Wyeth Lani Bucket Hat
Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide
26. Safavieh Courtyard Blue 5 ft. Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Outdoor lantern
29. Seagrass & Iron Lantern
27. Hand Woven WickerTray
Coastal Cottage Mother's Day Gift Guide
30. Hanging Rattan Chair
Propane Fire Table
32. Outdoor Fire Table

25. Hands up whose cottage beach towel as so thread bare that you can almost see through them?  Time to replace them with a set of these luxurious Mallorca Beach Towels.

26. An outdoor rug on the cottage patio not only feels great on bare feet, but it can brighten up it up tremendously.  Ensure that it coordinates with any outdoor furniture cushions though.  

27.  Another option for an outdoor tray for carrying drinks down to the dock.  

28.  I’m constantly packing up snacks, drinks, sunscreen and other odds and sods to take on the boat.  This Tote cooler bag is such a stylish and convenient way of carrying everything back and forth. 

29. We’ve often on the deck after sundown and need a light that won’t attract the bugs.  This Seagrass & Iron Outdoor Lantern should fit the bill.  

30.  I love my hanging chair on my deck.  It’s so peaceful to sit in it, gently rocking in the breeze.  Until it’s time to make the next meal that is.  

31.  Who hasn’t had their Mum remind them to wear their hat in the summer?  I still do it to my kids and they’re adults!  Well now it’s time for Mum to have her own stylish bucket hat.  

32.  A campfire is ingrained in cottage life.  But often there is a campfire ban over the entire summer.  But propane fires are allowed.  This  Outdoor Fire Table is large enough for a crowd to gather around.  Unfortunately no S’mores though.  

the Home Made gift

Remember, no matter whatever the age of her children, a Mother will always appreciate a homemade gift.  No macaroni necklaces though please.  

Beach decor crafting workshop
Oyster Shell Garland

Learn how to make this simple Oyster Shell Garland by clicking here.

As these are all gifts that I would appreciate, being a Mum myself, I’m sure you’ll find something in this Coastal Cottage Mother’s Day Gift Guide to surprise and delight your Mum.  You’re welcome.   

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