Designing a Coastal Master Bedroom

When designing a coastal master bedroom, it’s important to not be too literal.  You want to suggest the shore without having it in your face with overt nautical items.  I’m currently redoing my own master and these are the items that I’m choosing for it.  I live right on the ocean and so want my interior to reflect my location without being over the top.  As my own personal oasis, I want my bedroom to incorporate Biophilic Design, which is about creating a visual and textural association with nature.  

biophilic design - good for your mental well-being

Anything evocative of nature has a positive impact on our mental health.  A number of items in this room demonstrate the practice of Biophilic Design:

  • Art work – the best type of scenes for your mental health are ones that it feels like you could actually walk into the painting.  In this case, you could wade into the ocean.
  • Colours from nature – the blue of the sky is used liberally in this design, as well as the darker blues of the ocean and the white of clouds
  • Natural elements – rattan on the bench, canning on the bed and the wooden beads on the light fixture are all elements that give both a visual and textural connection to nature.
  • Patterns found in nature – the pattern on the rug is suggestive of flowers and leaves
  • Connection between the indoors and out – this master bedroom is a direct reflection of the ocean outside its windows
Designing a Coastal Master Bedroom

Rule of threes

With any room, it’s really important that the elements are repeated at least three times.  As you see in this room, not only is the colour repeated but also the texture.

Glass – on the oversized Seaglass beads on the dresser as well as the two lamps on the night stand

Navy blue – repeated in the chaise, the stripe on the bench and the colour in the painting

Natural texture – on the bench, the caning in the bed and the overhead light fixture

Gold knobs – on the two night stands and the dresser


Every room benefits from a hit of black.  In this Coastal Master Bedroom, that is on the Odin Iron Large Pendant mirror.

Furniture choices

The Dahlia flush mount light was a real find.  I just love the wooden beads and tassel.  But the real secret?  It’s from Pottery Barn Kids so is less expensive than a similar light “at an adult store” would be.  

My Master Bedroom is a good size.  When I have guests, I like to be able to escape to my room for a bit of peace.  The Miramar Chaise is the perfect reading spot while gazing out over the ocean.  

Having three drawers each, these nightstands do double duty without taking up any more space.  Personally I love a clean and tidy room so the more I can hide away in drawers, the better.  And the matching Grace 6 Drawer Dresser gives me all the storage I need.  

One of my challenges is sloped walls in my room – the vertical part of the wall is only 4′ high so any bed frame must be lower than that.  Thankfully the bed of my dreams has the perfectly sized headboard to fit under this anomaly. The Harbour Cane Bed measures exactly 48″ high.  Sweet dreams are in my future.  

If there’s space, I always like to design a master bedroom with a bench at the end of the bed.  It’s a convenient spot for pillows and draping clothing.  Much better than placing your decorative pillows on the floor.  

Designing your own bedroom

If you like any of these pieces for your own bedroom, just click on the links in the photos.  And if you’d like my help in designing the Master Bedroom of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Either use the contact form or click here to get started.  

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