What is eDesign?

Have you heard this term and aren’t quite sure what is eDesign?  Simply, it’s working with an interior designer online rather than in person.  

Here are the typical steps of working with an e-designer

What is eDesign?

step one: pick a package

You’ll be asked to pick a package such as these below.  Or you can just schedule a one hour consultation if you just want to ask some questions and get pointed in the right direction.  

What is eDesign?

step two: the design brief

You’ll be asked to fill out a survey that will go through questions such as:

  1. Which rooms would you like designed?
  2. Why you would like to redesign this space?
  3. Which existing furniture pieces are staying and what new items you would like added?
  4. What is your timeline?
  5. How much is your budget?
  6. What is your style?
  7. What mood you would like this space to convey?
  8. Name your favourite stores for furniture and decor?
  9. Provide any inspiration photos.
  10. Name your colour preferences?
  11. Importantly, provide measurements and photos of your space.
  12. Who else shares the space with you?
  13. If you rent or own and if it is a house, condo or town home?
  14. And any final notes such as fabric preferences, patterns, or anything that might be pertinent
What is eDesign?

step three - room layout

Taking all the information you’ve put together, your e-designer gets to work by creating a floor plan with your measurements and seeing what furniture layout bests suits your space, given all your requirements that you’ve previously outlined.  

What is eDesign?

step four - story board or mood board

Some eDesigners refer to this as a story board and others as a mood board but it basically takes the furniture measurements from the room layout and translates them into furnishings available either online or at your local retailers so that you can source them.  The eDesigner has been careful to consider all your likes, your style and colour preference as well as everyone who lives in the home to make these recommendations. 

Including a colour palette and all decor items, you can tell immediately how your room will pull together.  The eDesigner will provide a rationale as to why he or she chose each item – there is an incredible amount of thought, experience, knowledge and talent that goes into each design.  Usually, you are allowed one revision if there’s something you don’t like.  In the case of the mood board below, the client had purchased the artwork and we used that as our jumping off point.  You can comment directly on the mood board and provide feedback to your designer.  

What is eDesign?

step five - Specification of products

Once any revisions to the furnishings or decor items has been made, the designer will provide you with a full list of all the products, where to buy them and their cost. You can just click on the link and shop the item.  What could be easier?

What is eDesign?

Step Six - Design notes

The eDesigner will provide you with some notes in regards to installation.  How high should the art piece be hung over the mantle, how far above the dining room table the chandelier should hang, how far from the sofa should the coffee table be positioned, etc…   

Case study

The design below was created for a young single man who lives in a very long and narrow apartment which doesn’t have room for a kitchen table. He was finding that he was actually avoiding spending time there as his apartment just didn’t feel like a welcoming space. Taking his favourite dark blue colour and working with his existing sectional, I was able to create a inviting space with a tall table that doubles as an island in his kitchen turning a narrow space into a design feature. 

This eDesign helped him pull together a warm and welcoming space of which he’s proud and enjoys inviting friends over.  

What is eDesign?

eDesign is a worthwile investment

By utilizing the talents of an experienced eDesigner, you will avoid costly mistakes as well as save time, energy and perhaps a few marital disagreements. I sincerely hope that you now have a better understanding of what is eDesign as well as its value.  Ready to take the next step?  Just click here to get started!  And if you’re planning a full renovation, this post will give you insight into all the steps involved.