What to expect when working with me on a full renovation

What to expect when working with me on a full renovation

If you thought interior design was just about picking paint colours and fabrics, think again.  Here I walk through what you can expect working with me, as an interior designer in the Comox Valley, on a full renovation, with examples from a real client.  

Stage one: preliminary concept development

This home belongs to a couple who were blending households and needed a completely fresh look for the home so that it would feel new to each of them.  I spent a great deal of time with them both, understanding their lifestyle, how they each wanted to feel in the home as well as their individual design aesthetics, what was working and what wasn’t.

Preliminary Space Plan

Stage Two – Design Development:

From the initial stages, I learned that they didn’t have enough storage in their kitchen, in addition to it feeling cramped and dark.  Their living room was underused as it didn’t feel very private being level with the sidewalk and passersby could see in.  The dining room was uncomfortable for large family gatherings which was virtually the only time it was used.  From this I developed the initial design concepts that addressed all these issues with beautiful and creative solutions.

Full Renovation
3D Rendering

Stage three - Construction Documentation

Ensuring that everything is ordered on time and on budget, means that installation runs seamlessly.  This step saves so much time and consequently money on the construction side that it has tremendous value.  Designing where the light switches go and the location of a pot light so that it doesn’t cast shadows is not exactly glamorous but is absolutely essential.  I calculate exactly how many lumens each room requires as without proper lighting, the design doesn’t shine! 

Finishing Schedule
Full Renovation
Reflected ceiling plan showing lighting and electrical

Stage Four - Project management

I was often on site, checking to make sure that the communication was open and clear.  Plans were taped to the walls, all trades had my contact info and I might even have put together a cupboard or two!  I was on hand for major installations such as the quartz countertop and the single sheet of glass backsplash.  I tell you I was sweating bullets when that went in.  

*Please note that I am not responsible for any work performed by contractors

Site visit during construction

Stage five - Post project client review

I’m not happy unless you’re happy.  We’ll meet to go over the finished renovation and ensure that you have all the information on how everything works and how to get the most of your refreshed space. I love being invited to my client’s reveal parties and seeing others’ reaction to the newly designed space. 

In this particular renovation, guests absolutely could not believe that the kitchen had not been enlarged.  A wall between the dining room and the kitchen was removed and larger windows installed, along with a great deal of reflective surfaces giving the impression that the space had doubled in size.  


Interior Design Services

One last look at that design process...

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Does this match up with what you expect from an interior designer on a full renovation?  If you’re considering just such a project and you live in the Comox Valley, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about it.  Click the button below to get started!

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