What the heck is the Coastal Grandmother Decor trend?

And no, it doesn't mean you're old or have grandchildren....

The term “Coastal Grandmother” was first used by Tik Tok influencer Lex Nicoleta describing a fashion aesthetic which has now spilled over into interiors.  Think of the beach house in the Nancy Meyers film “Something’s Gotta Give”, which was the true star of the movie, and you’ll have the essence of Coastal Grandmother (aka Coastal Grandma).
While it has a rebranded name, this style is nothing new.  As humans we’ve always been drawn to the beach and ocean views, it’s literally in our DNA.  The calming sounds of waves rolling onto shore, the fresh sea breezes, the textures and colours of the seaside have always stirred our souls and relaxed our minds.  Bringing this feeling into our interiors creates a harmonious home which has a tremendously positive impact on our mental well-being.  So read on to see how you can include elements of the Coastal Grandmother Decor Trend in your own home.

Offset the soft color palette with crisp white accents. White trim, molding, and accessories provide a clean and fresh contrast, enhancing the overall brightness of the space. This classic touch adds a sense of purity and complements the coastal theme.

Breezy Rattan chairs and seagrass placemats are evocative of The Hamptons.  An extension table with a wood pedestal base means that a crowd can be fed at this beach house.  Blue cushions pick up the colours of the ocean and shells on the plates add that natural touch.  

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mixing classic and traditional elements in a coastal theme

Coastal Grandmother is a home decor trend that combines the classic and traditional elements with a coastal theme. It is a mix of vintage furnishings, coastal materials, and beachy accents. The color palette is characterized by muted tones such as soft blues, greens, and neutrals that evoke the feeling of the sea and the sand. The overall look of the trend is cozy, warm, and inviting, with a nod to nostalgia for the past. 

Key elements of the Coastal Grandmother Trend

Some key elements in a Coastal Grandmother-inspired living space may include antique furniture, heirloom pieces, wicker baskets, seashells, and natural materials like wood, jute, and linen. The style is functional, comfortable, and relaxed, making you feel like you’re on vacation without even leaving the house.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to run out and spend a fortune.  This ottoman was a great Facebook Marketplace find.  And seashells and driftwood are free!  Learn how to make a beautiful Oyster Shell garland.  

vintage furniture and antiques

Embrace the charm of the past by incorporating vintage furniture and antiques into your coastal grandmother design. Look for pieces with intricate details, such as carved wooden frames, classic upholstery, and time-worn finishes. Mixing old and new elements adds character and a sense of history to your space.

This buffet is an old antique that I gave a new lease on life with Fusion Paint and updated the hardware with Sailors Knot knobs.  The Coral Lamps were a gift from a friend.  Framing the nautical chart reflects light and is a conversation starter.  

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Other elements include:

soft and natural colour palette

Coastal Grandmother Interior Design is characterized by a soft and soothing color palette inspired by the coastal surroundings. Think sandy beige, soft blues, seafoam greens, and muted grays. These colors not only evoke a sense of calm but also create a connection to the natural beauty of the coastal environment.

Soft fabrics such as relaxed Roman Shades in the bedrooms give a Coastal Grandmother vibe.  Flowers on the bedside table and candles add the important element of scent. 

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Natural Textures

Incorporate natural textures to enhance the coastal feel. Rattan, wicker, jute, and weathered wood are perfect choices for furniture, accessories, and even wall decor. These textures add depth and a tactile quality to the design, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.  Comfortable bar stools pick up on the natural texture of the dining chairs yet are different so that there is more interest.

Tile in a beachy colour – this simple subway tile mimics the waves of the ocean and is set in a traditional yet timeless herringbone pattern.  Note how the appliances match the tile?  I couldn’t resist.  

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Nautical accents


Bring the seaside indoors with nautical accents that nod to coastal life. Decorate with items like ship wheels, compasses, anchors, and marine-inspired artwork. This subtle infusion of nautical elements reinforces the coastal theme without overwhelming the space.

Various shades of white with watery blue accents embody the Coastal Grandmother palette.  The painting over the fireplace pulls together all the colours of the room, creating a cohesive and relaxing design.  An antique brass porthole, buoy, glass fishing floats, sea stars, shells and driftwood are subtle nautical hits that don’t overwhelm or veer too close to kitschy.

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Mixing patterns

Create a cozy atmosphere by choosing soft and comfortable fabrics for upholstery and linens. Opt for materials like cotton, linen, and slipcovers that exude a casual elegance. Mixing and matching patterns in a subdued color palette adds visual interest without being overly bold.

Floral patterns, especially in wallpapers and fabrics, are a hallmark of coastal grandmother design. Choose florals with a vintage vibe in soft colors to complement the overall aesthetic. Floral patterns can be incorporated through curtains, throw pillows, and upholstery to infuse a touch of timeless femininity.

The coastal grandmother design trend is alive and well

Recently I was asked if this design “trend” is still alive and well?  You can read the article from the British Magazine Home & Garden here.  That’s a resounding YES!

Coastal Grandmother Interior Design is a celebration of tradition, comfort, and the timeless allure of the coast. By combining soft colors, vintage pieces, nautical accents, natural textures, and personal touches, you can create a space that not only reflects the charm of the past but also invites warmth and relaxation into your home. Embrace the beauty of Coastal Grandmother Interior Design and let it weave its magic in your living space.

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